Manage your rental property whenever, wherever.

Cozii helps you be the best landlord possible without the usual hassle. Receive and monitor repairs, receive payments online, advertise your properties and screen potential tenants.
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Features & Benefits

Save money and time

Receive and schedule maintenance request from tenants

Book trusted handyman and monitor repairs on the go!

Easy online rent payment. No more cheque bounced.

Online rental applications & tenant matching

Automatic listings & free vacancies marketing

Landlord FAQs

Step 1: Download the COZIITM App.

Step 2 Follow the simple 4-steps registration.

Step 3: Check your email for a link to confirm registration.

Step 4: Login to complete registration and set up your profile including adding details about your rental property and adding tenants. If you are stuck at any point, contact our client success support for immediate help.

Step 5: Start receiving rent payment, maintenance request and book trusted handyman or service expert for swift, reliable services.

You can add your tenants and send them invitations to connect within COZIITM. This is a convenient way for your tenants to pay rent, submit maintenance requests, view payment history, send a message, and more. Remember, you must add the tenant to your contacts.

To add a tenant, go to “View Tenants” in the left side menu, then press “+Add Tenant”. Search for the tenant name or select a tenant from the list. View tenant profile and confirm “+Add Tenant”.

To book a handyman or service expert, click “Book a pro” in the home menu. View list of handymen by location or trades and choose the “handyman”. Add job info and details, view job summary and confirm booking.

Looking for new tenants? You can easily share your listings with tenants on the app for best referral and matching with verified tenants on COZIITM.

You can also use to advertise your rental listings with a broader audience. Cozii Rentals will go above and beyond to attract quality tenants for you by sharing your listings on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram for FREE.